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The book is gorgeous! So fun to flip through. It keeps a smile on my face!

A beautiful book

A beautiful book to give or receive.

A book that is physically beautiful, emotionally touching, and psychologically strengthening.

Absolutely a wonderful collection of photos, love the book and I am glad I purchased it.

Absolutely beautiful photographs!

Absolutely fabulous.

amazing photographs of man's best friend

Anything dog related is cherished in my house. Love looking at the expressions captured and having a chuckle over them 

As a "dog person", found it very interesting/entertaining.

Beautiful book that warms the heart and makes you smile and laugh and just plain feel good! It is wonderfully put together and we have enjoyed it immensely! We already have a rescue dog and cat and this books makes you want to adopt more dogs! All animals are such a beautiful blessing from God, but especially DOGS!!!!! I don't think anyone on earth loves you as completely and selflessly as a dog! Thank you for this WONDERFUL BOOK!!!!

Beautiful photos of the love that shines between dogs with their families.

Beautiful, touches the heart! 


Beautifully designed, love the personal stories and the variety of photos—touching dedication to the loves of our lives

Displaying great love for ALL dogs

Dogs not only give us joy but unconditional love. Your photos show that love in the faces of the dogs. Book is beautiful and well done.

Excellent Pictures! Quality is outstanding. For a great cause. To know Rick is to LOVE Rick...

Fantastic pictures, fantastic cause, all pulled together by a FANTASTIC person!

Gave it as a gift and she loved it. Beautiful book.

gave it to my Son and Grandchildren for Christmas and they loved it They have 2 dogs and really enjoyed the pictures 

I absolutely loved it and will cherish it! I bought it as a gift for several dog lovers and rescue friends.

I found the photos captured the expressions on the dog's faces. Bought it at the APS Gala and gave it to my husband for Christmas. He really enjoyed it. 

I gave this book to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas after seeing it at last year’s Durham APS fundraiser. They love it!

I had to put my two healthy dogs down 6 months ago. It's a long story and it was related to bites and legal issues. Rick's book reminds me of the love and joy I received from "my two girls". I love it.

I have always lived your work. So glad you put them in book form.

I love ALL of the photos. I love beautiful photography of all sorts but love how you capture the essence of the animals.

I love it! It’s nice to have a beautiful ‘coffee table’ book, especially when everything these days has gone digital. 

I love the different chapters, notes, and stories; and, of course, all those precious pups!!!

I loved everything about it! 

I really enjoyed it and sent out emails to friends suggesting they might want to buy it too.

I really loved this book. I gave it as a gift to a fellow dog-lover and she was in tears about it. I think what was so appealing about it to me is that I know you, I've had you photograph one of my dogs, and I've followed you on FB and your dog project for a long time. This book feels like I've been able to go on such a journey with you. If I were in a financial position to do so, I would buy a second one for myself. As it stands, it may be a few months before I can afford that luxury. That being said, I don't think there's an issue with the price point, knowing that there's production cost and that portions are going to support animal shelters in our area.

It is a touching, heart-warning book that expresses through its beautiful photography the emotions every dog owner feels: love, caring, compassion, smiles, and tears

It is lovely! I will enjoy going through it again and again.

It is moving, especially if you have been a friend to a dog. It is a book you can pick up and discover new moments as it has depth and is done with a real love for the friendship w/ our dogs. 

It is very special - beautifully done and makes a perfect coffee table book! 

it is wonderful

It really seems like a labour of love from Rick - he put his heart and soul into the book. It's a beautiful book!.

It shows Rucks grest love for dogs

It was a wonderful book. We enjoyed it very much. Hope you the very best.

It was from the heart. Love the expressions on both the dogs faces and the owners. Unconditional love is a precious thing not often achieved. What a wonderful gift that you and Tawney shared. 

It's a great achievement. Rick, you are really talented!

It’s a wonderful book

Love how you captured the individuality of each dog!

Love it, so much work and love in it

Love it! My daughter, 19, is a photographer and it’s a gift for her but I have already peeked at it!!!

Love seeing our dog in it---I think twice :-) Beautiful book from a highly talented photographer---we treasure it!

Love the book

Love the book more then words can describe. The pictures used and what was used will always help me cope with losing my beloved pet/friend. I show it to everyone who visits my home. It is a great overall collage of pets and places. Wide range which is needed. 

Loved it!

Loved it!! Great stories about some of the dogs!!

Loved looking at all the dog photos

Moved me to tears. Passion. Talent. Perseverance. Strength. I’m lucky to have a copy. 

My husband LOVES this book! Gave to him as a gift even though he doesn't read a lot. Your combination of text, photos & donations to animal shelters is a perfect combination for him. Thank you!

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Photos and stories are wonderful!!! Very touching

Professional yet personal

Quality photographs and obviously, a lot of through went into the order of photos and the captions.

Rick, Loved your "dog" book and have shared with our family when they visit. Hugs Gary and Ann Amlin 

Such a wonderful collection of photos - perfect for animal lovers

Thank you for sharing this exceptional and noble endeavor, Rick. Who knew? May you relax and enjoy every last moment you give us on this planet. Then on to bigger and better things for you. 

The binding and pages were damaged.

The book is a precious collection of amazing dog photos, maybe too many. I like the sections. Perhaps each sectin could have had a personal story of one dog,

The book is outstanding. We loved all the pictures and the cause. It will be something I keep forever. Pictures are very funny.

The book was amzing

The book was wonderful. The cause and the photos are precious. I found myself wishing my boy (a sweet, handsome St Bernard) was in it. 

The photos were great they caught the dogs' enthusiasm or mood perfectly. My husband & I enjoyed the book very much. 

The pictures were outstanding and everyone who sees it loves it.

This book could put Prozac out of business; all you have to do is thumb through the pages and you are instantly uplifted. A real treasure. Thanks for compiling it, Rick!

This book made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. I gave copies to three friends and they loved the book. I was devastated to hear that your beloved Emmet had died. I treasure the book, not just because it contains photos of four of my dogs.

very entertaining! great photos

Very professionally done and very creative

very touching... Thank you for creating the book

Very well put together!

We loved the book and showed it widely.

Well done and a welcome gift for any dog lover.

Well done and loved pictures

Well done!

Wonderful-enjoyed it very much

You did a great job with the book. Gave it as a Christmas gift and it was well received.